I tried to right a diary once, when I was a teenager. My friend found it and broke it open. Her and my brother wrote little notes beside my diary entries, and that essentially put me off diaries for life. Unfortunately the very few entries that I had already written were about how much I loved my big brother. Jerk move John.

But sometimes I find something written on a piece of paper from a few years ago and I remember ’ oh yeah, that happened’, and I suddenly wish that I was the type to keep a record of things.

So I’ve thought, maybe I’ll write a blog. Tell some stories. Mostly for me, so later on I can read back and go ’ oh yeah, that happened’ a little more often.

Overall the types of topics will be rather varied, spanning the things that I know.

Knowing me it will mostly be about geology and food. Those really are my main interests.

Let’s see if I stick to this.


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