I eat very well when I am bored

My field trip to Cape Verde got postponed, so I have had a lot of free time this week, since I was supposed to be in a different country. What to do I thought?

The answer: cooking.

The first thing I made was a mushroom risotto. It was my first risotto. It went VERY well. I even garnished it for the photo.


The recipe was very easy to follow, and it turns out the trick is to just keep stirring, and not over cook. I didn’t have any dried porcini mushrooms, so for a little extra flavour I used both chicken and pork stock.


Then I made panna cotta with a raspberry coulis. I was so excited when I put the raspberries in the pan for the coulis. They look tasty already.The panna cotta in the pan doesn’t look quite as exciting, but the final product looks delicious. Tastes delicious too.


I used a recipe with gelatin leaves. I put in 3. The recipe I used called for milk and cream. I used skimmed milk, and I noticed that the milk and cream seemed to separate during cooling. So maybe next time i will go for full fat milk, or just use cream only, for that heavier more decadent flavour.

20150507_175205469_iOS 20150507_175229938_iOS

I even had everything at home to make the recipe! it was so easy. Takes about ten minutes to make, and an hour to cool. If I had known it was this easy I would have started making this years ago.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/vanillapannacotta_87907

I also made a tea cosy for my Mormor.


Then there was a chocolate mousse, but it’s not set yet. It tasted pretty good when I licked the bowl clean….

Whoever I end up spending my life with, be it a spouse or several cats, they are going to get fat. I accept that now.